Our Position on Project Niagara

The Harmony Residents Group believes:

  1. There must be a better location for a summer music festival

  2. There must be a better use for the site

We are:

  1. Concerned about impacts to the environment

  2. Nervous about impacts to residents

  3. Skeptical about the benefits

  4. Worried about the costs

As an alternative, we propose a Natural Heritage Park be established to protect and preserve the site, to present its natural and heritage treasures, and to capitalize on the growing ecotourism industry.

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To view a slideshow of our alternative vision, click here.
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Our Petition
If you share our view, please "sign" our petition, by copying the following text into an e-mail and sending it to

I/we oppose the site proposed for the Project Niagara music festival. A music festival on the proposed site will: 1) cost too much; 2) impact negatively on the environment; 3) impact the quality of life of Niagara-on-the-Lake residents; 4) impact negatively on visitors. There must be a better location for Project Niagara, one that does not engender the above issues. I/we would like to see the site used in a way that is more in keeping with its environmental sensitivity and heritage importance.


hmmm.... said...

Your picture is not the site intended for use by Project Niagara, but, it would appear, is of the historic battleground adjacent. Why not be honest and post a photo of the sewage treatment plant and sewage lagoons that the music festival will replace?

Harmony Residents said...

Well, it is a picture looking from the Lagoon to Chautauqua, showing why we should be concerned as residents.